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Are your teeth stained? What about cracked, chipped, or unevenly worn? Maybe you even have tooth loss and issues with crowding and spacing – or a combination of several of these aesthetic dental issues. While it’s hard to feel good about your smile in these cases, there are many dental treatments that can help you feel more confident about the way you look. If you’re interested in getting a more appealing smile, consider cosmetic dentistry in Clearwater, FL from Feather Sound Smiles and Amir Daoud, DDS.

Our Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry in Clearwater

Cosmetic dental treatment is a rapidly growing family of dental procedures that aim to change the outward appearance of your smile, to help it appear healthy and aesthetically pleasing.Cosmetic-Dentistry-in-Clearwater-FL

At Feather Sound Smiles in Clearwater, we take a comprehensive and caring approach to cosmetic dental treatment. Before recommending any procedure, Dr. Daoud welcomes you into his office for a full dental exam, using all-digital technology, to get a clear picture of the state of your oral health.  Our philosophy for caring for patients includes treating them how they want to be treated; working as a team for a co-diagnostic effort, both you and Dr. Daoud can go over all of your cosmetic treatment options and select what’s best for you. Your dental treatment plan will be tailored to fit your goals and needs for care.

Options for Clearwater Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Dr. Daoud views cosmetic dentistry as a perfect blend of art and science – he loves to watch patients change and develop beautiful smiles they can be proud of. To help you see the smile you’ve always wanted, Feather Sound Smiles offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, with their specialties including:

• In-Office Teeth Whitening – This quick and convenient treatment only takes about an hour. During the procedure, Dr. Daoud will apply a professional concentration of whitening treatment to your teeth, and let the whitening agent lift deep stains and discoloration form the surface of teeth. Dr. Daoud will even give you a complimentary touch-up kit to prolong results of treatment.

• Veneers – These porcelain shells are placed over teeth in order to make them look more even and a brighter shade of white. In order to plan your treatment with porcelain dental veneers, Dr. Daoud performs all parts of the design process before-hand to maximize final results. He will take detailed pictures of your smile and communicate directly with his dental lab to create a custom treatment  that is tailored to meet your needs. His Clearwater cosmetic dental office also uses computer software to design size and shape of veneers and demonstrates final results with wax up model, so you can see how your new smile will look before it’s complete.

• Invisalign® - As a popular and revolutionary treatment for crowded teeth and misaligned bites, this system of clear braces treats all cases of orthodontic issues.  Invisalign® has developed over time and become and an even more sophisticated way to straighten teeth. Clear aligner therapy with Invisalign® in Clearwater is convenient, comfortable, and can dramatically transform your smile for the better.


• Implant Dentistry– Missing teeth can truly be a burden, and the traditional treatments used to address this problem often don’t provide complete stability. However, a dental implant is an advanced way to care for missing teeth that involves the placement of a fully-functional replacement tooth. Dental implants are sturdy and look just like natural teeth. Best of all, they support oral health in ways that fixed bridges and dentures cannot.


• Smile Design – If your cosmetic dental issues are many and varied, Dr. Daoud offers total cosmetic transformation of your smile. This treatment can be as simple as treating one tooth, or using a combination of several cosmetic treatments to create a harmonious, natural aesthetic smile. In re-designing your smile, Dr. Daoud understands that certain elements have to fit just the right way, so he takes care to plan out your treatment precisely beforehand, to ensure the correct color and shape of your cosmetic smile design treatment.

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